Logistics Team

Wiima Logistics’ Control Service takes care of all your logistics needs, ensuring your shipments move smoothly and efficiently. We handle everything from planning and booking transportation to getting the best rates and tracking your shipments. Our team deals with any issues that come up, manages your logistics partners, and provides clear reports to help you make informed decisions. In short, we make sure your supply chain runs like a well-oiled machine.

What´s Included in the Service

Our dedicated Logistics Coordination team handles the daily logistics tasks on your behalf. As a non-asset-based, neutral, open-book fourth-party logistics (4PL) organization, we do what is best for you in every logistics arrangement. 

Nominated Team of Logistics Coordinators

Our professional coordinators’ mission is to make your life easier by handling even the most complex logistics challenges on your behalf.

Planning, Tendering & Booking of Transports

We set up the process and tools for carrier selection and transport bookings to always have the right transport service for your shipments.


Pre-negotiated Rates

As a neutral logistics sourcing organizationwe have secured competitive contract rates from logistics companies across the globe.

Tracking & Exception Management

We monitor the movements of your goods with a proactive approach to solving delivery exceptions to ensure requested lead times.

Logistics Service Provider Management

Our sourcing professionals manage the qualityrates, and terms of LSPs to ensure the competitiveness of our supplier base.

Analytics & Reporting

We provide insights from your logistics with online dasboards to empower your business.

Invoice factoring (upon request)

We can boost your working capital by offering extended payment terms.

Freight RFQ Projects

We match the right logistics services to your business using a combination of RFx projects, pre-negotiated rates, and SPOT tendering.

Invoice recording, audit, and payment

Our finance team resolves invoice discrepancies, harmonizes costs, and creates consolidated freight invoices using the open-book principle.

Electronic archive

All information related to your logistics related data is collected electronically in our system, enabling smooth data management when the situation requires it.

Looking for a More Extensive Outsourcing Solution?

Looking for even more comprehensive logistics solutions? Discover Wiima Logistics’ Complete Service. Dive into our all-inclusive approach that not only manages logistics but also handles purchasing, supply chain strategy, and more. Visit our Complete Service page to see how we can elevate your supply chain management


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Our team of professionals have years of experience in logistics and supply chain management to meet our clients needs. Learn more about us and how we can help you unlock the potential of your logistics


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