Ponsse streamlined logistics processes and gained efficiency from  logistics study



Ponsse is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forest machines for the cut-to-length method, and its customer-oriented operations are still guided by the wishes and needs of forest machine entrepreneurs.

Project summary

In order to setup internal logistics development project to streamline in-house logistics processes, Ponsse hired Wiima Logistics to execute a comprehensive logistics survey in 2014. The focus of the survey was to investigate and define present state of the logistics (“As-Is”).

The Solution

Ponsse was handling all logistics assignments in-house. Transportation management had been divided to several people in the organization. Even though the logistics costs were allocated effectively thorough the costs centers, some unawareness exist when whole logistics spend had to be evaluated and traced to floor level.

The goal of the survey was to reveal “hidden” logistics organization and related costs. Areas of responsibilities were illustrated with process flow charts and costs for each process were allocated accordingly. Furthermore, Wiima prepared consolidated shipment statistics by gathering and analyzing existing shipment data from Ponsse’s main logistics providers. This gave in depth view into Ponsse’s current transportation arrangements and facilitated decision making on different areas related to logistics management.

Proven Results

Wiima Logistics was hired to execute a comprehensive logistics survey for Ponsse in order to streamline their in-house logistics processes. Our team of experienced consultants provided detailed process flow charts and consolidated shipment statistics to reveal and analyze the company’s current transportation arrangements. Our advanced data management systems and expertise in the latest industry trends enabled Ponsse to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in their operations and realize significant savings and cost-efficiencies.

“Based on results, we have identified several improvement points and gain cost savings through more efficient logistics arrangements. The survey enabled us to investigate our present logistics from different angles helping us to do right decisions. Furthermore, consolidated shipment statistics helped us to evaluate our inbound and outbound logistics as a whole.”


Tommi Väänänen, Director, Supply Chain, Ponsse Oyj

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Our commitment to helping you achieve your goals and maximize your investments makes us the ideal partner for your successful projects.


Cooperation with Lumene has started in 2014. Wiima has provided savings in Lumene’s Inbound and Outbound freight pricing with active and comprehensive tendering.


Cooperation with ALMACO’s office located in Turku, Finland started in 2010. Since then, Wiima has handled all air/sea/land freights (import/export/cross trade) for this ALMACO Group location.


Wiima has primarily consulted GPV with putting out tenders for couriers as they send out electronic component shipments across the globe. Since there can be dozens of shipments per week, using the most cost-efficient courier quickly adds up to significant savings.

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