Evac Group and Wiima Logistics have signed a 4PL logistics cooperation agreement. Starting from September 2021 Wiima Logistics will support Evac Group with sales order logistics, delivery handling, transportation arrangements and optimization, delivery documents creation and delivery monitoring.

“Evac Group will gain great benefits by working with Wiima whose core business is logistics management and services. We believe that we are going to be more flexible, scalable and cost-efficient with better leadtime and logistics visibility. This is one important step in our development journey in logistics”, says Tuukka Farin, Vice President of Supply Chain & Sourcing at Evac Group.

“We are excited to start this 4PL-cooperation with Evac Group and we see great potential in enhancing and optimizing Evac Group logistics function both indirectly and directly. Our organization is committed to building long-lasting cooperation between the companies.”, says Heikki Heinonen, CEO, Wiima Logistics Oy.

For more information, please contact Matias Halkola (matias.halkola(at)evac.com), logistics specialist, Evac Group or Juhani Raita (juhani.raita(at)wiima.fi), Director 4PL, Wiima Logistics Oy.

About Evac Group:

Evac is the world’s leading provider of integrated water and waste management systems, as well as corrosion-protection systems, for the marine, offshore, and building industries. Evac’s cutting-edge solutions and services have been helping leading global players in these industries to significantly reduce their environmental footprint for 40 years. For more information please visit www.evac.com.

About Wiima Logistics:

Wiima Logistics is a leading 4PL service provider in Finland and an expert in global logistical arrangements & project logistics. Wiima has offices in Finland, Singapore, Estonia, China, Malaysia and the US.