The German Bundestag has decided to raise road tolls in Germany. The new regulations will be enforced from 1.1.2019 on. The new method of calculating the toll will take into account new parameters, such as noise and emissions. According to the council of minister, the additional income from the fee raises will be spent on infrastructure repairs and -expansion.

Currently, tolls are collected from approximately 15 thousand kilometers of highways and multi-lane federal roads. From 1.1.2019 on another 40 thousand kilometers will be added to this.

Businesses from the logistics industry have alerted their customers about the rising rates. Trucking industry companies are worried as, doing a profitable business will be more challenging than ever before.

In some cases, the fees might go up 60 percents. To get an idea what these raises look like in practice: many trucking companies use vehicles in emission class “EURO-6”. For this vehicle class, the total raise will be EUR 0,052 / KM. In other words, this would mean 5,20€ raise for every 100 kilometers.

The Austrian federal ministry of transportation has also recently drafted the same kind of regulative framework as their German counterparts.

New rates for infrastructure: 

New rates for emission costs:

Source:, CRU International