Greetings to our customers and network! 

Thanks to our customers, partners and network for the excellent cooperation in 2021! I would also like to thank our staff, who have been able to fight the battles, together with our network, to minimise the impact of a difficult logistics market on our customers supply chains.

2021 – A year of development and a difficult freight market 

Like many other companies, the year 2021 was rather demanding for Wiima Logistics due to the corona pandemic. One of Wiima’s key market segments is cruise ship construction and refurbishment projects. These projects were conspicuous by their absence throughout the year. Luckily, we had made considerable development and sales investments earlier, which started to pay off from the spring of 2021 onwards. Currently, we are at pre-pandemic levels in terms of monthly turnover, although the cruise ship refurbishment market is still missing from our order books.

We also concentrated on Wiima’s internal development and split our business into two business units a year ago. The new business units are Project Business and 4PL Logistics. This division will further explicate Wiima’s range of services for our customers. Wiima’s new 4PL products, “Wiima Complete” and “Wiima Control”, have been well received. 

Generally speaking, the logistics market has been really challenging; in particular, ocean freight has been experiencing availability problems for some time, and price levels have been many times higher than before the pandemic. Companies have had to consider their supply chains’ effectiveness in this difficult freight market situation. The market situation is expected to remain similar long into 2022.

What does the year 2022 look like for Wiima?

In Wiima, the year 2022 has started off quite energetically. We have multiple exciting new international customer launches, which will further enhance our growth. We have also started the year with recruitment and additional resourcing to strengthen all business units. This year, we will be coordinating supply chains for furniture, vessel spare parts, cosmetics, prefabricated products, engines, whirlpool baths, various machines, etc., to all regions of the globe using various shipping methods.

In addition to business growth, important topics in 2022 include development projects for the platform economy and CO2 optimization projects for green logistics. Green logistics development will be continued in cooperation with the University of Turku. 


When companies want to keep their supply chain management as professional, adaptable, and responsive as possible in changing and hard to predict market situations, the supply chain management outsourcing service provided by Wiima is an excellent option. From us, companies get professional resources, a global and competitive freight network, efficient processes and the latest platform technology to support their logistics and supply chain management. Our objective is to make supply chains operate so that our customers can focus on their core competencies.

Follow us on social media and keep an eye on the development steps we will take during the coming year.

Wiima Logistics is looking to the future with a bright mind and wishes our customers and partners a good start in 2022.


Heikki Heinonen


Wiima Logistics Oy

About Wiima Logistics

Wiima Logistics is an integrated supply chain company specializing in complete logistics services known as 4PL logistics. Wiima ensures competitiveness by utilizing direct and indirect cost savings from transportation logistics with Wiima service model. Fourth-party logistics (4PL) is a service to make customers’ life easier by delegating the logistics arrangements to be handled by someone else. As a neutral logistics service provider Wiima manages the whole logistics process on customers’ behalf.

Wiima has a worldwide operating network and own offices in Finland, Estonia, Singapore, Malaysia, China and USA.