We are happy to announce the latest addition to our customer base from the manufacturing industry. We signed a 4PL contract with Kopar Oy.

Kopar Group is a modern technology corporation from Finland. They are specialized in mechanical process engineering and high-performance equipment manufacturing, combining decades of industry expertise with new, innovative technology. Their main expertise is in hot and abrasive material handling technologies. Kopar has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-performance bulk material handling equipment. Their high-quality products and solutions are designed for demanding conditions.



Kopar has started aggressively modernizing their organization to match the needs of the 21st century. All aspects of their operations are viewed with a fresh set of eyes. As a result, Kopars supplier network is also under optimization. Using only local suppliers did not answer their needs anymore, so they had to start looking elsewhere. Logistics is often one of the first challenges that come to mind when buying from foreign suppliers. Especially if they are located in third world countries. Kopar needed a logistics partner who could take care of the operational side of their inbound logistics, no matter the shipping lane or the type of shipment. On top of that, they needed someone to plan and start-up the shipping lanes, when new suppliers are selected.

Our service aligned well with Kopar’s needs and after a few test shipments, both parties concluded that further cooperation would be a good idea. We see Kopar as a very interesting customer. Their shipments vary a lot from small pallet size deliveries to large oversize project freight. To handle this wide logistics scope with their resources would be a difficult task. Wiima logistics coordinators provide the kind of logistics know-how Kopar needs to flexibly reform their supplier base.

Our concept aims to be as transparent and neutral as possible. For example, all services to Kopar are sold on an open book basis. We have also pledged not to devote the traffic to any specific logistics service provider, but instead, tender the market in a neutral way to find the most optimum solutions. We see this as the only way to form a truly trustworthy venture with Kopar.

We are excited to deepen our cooperation with Kopar and believe that this will be a success story for both parties.