Rate Management Software

The simplest solution in the market for competitive logistics.

Tender your deliveries quickly and effectively

The browser-based software enables clients to upload their freight price lists and manage tenders efficiently, ensuring transparency and significant cost savings. By streamlining the freight procurement process, it empowers businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their logistics operations.

Simple and Easy to Use

Manual freight bidding takes about 30 – 120 minutes depending on the situation and person. Our app reduces the process to an average of just 2 minutes.

Compare Your Price Lists

Our software allows clients to upload and manage their freight price lists, facilitating transparent and cost-effective tendering. This streamlined approach enhances logistics efficiency and drives substantial savings by providing clear insights into freight procurement.

Manage Everything from One View

The software acts as a single point of data collection for all your transports, making it easier than ever to obtain comprehensive statistics and analytics, regardless of the transport company.

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Savings from the First Shipment


Exact price breakdown from all your favorites

Through the portal, you can compare solutions from different transport companies in terms of price and schedule. Transparency allows users to easily make optimal transport decisions based on the situation.


Opportunity for comprehensive analytics

Data related to transports collected in the portal can be processed into comprehensive reports or in-depth analytics depending on customer needs.