Project Logistics and Freight Forwarding


Wiima offers freight forwarding services and full-service logistics coordination, including budgeting for transportation and project logistics, scheduling, delivery monitoring and building site logistics. We offer not only reasonably-priced shipments, but also comprehensive and total logistical solutions utilising our global network. We seek out and invite offers from the right service providers to boost and streamline your logistics. We organise consolidation and warehousing services all over the world and select the right partners for the logistical needs of your company.


By combining the best partners for each field of logistics and for each route, we guarantee cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Our core skill is logistics management, including measuring and reporting. We are very familiar with the associates in the logistics field and base our business on logistics knowledge, reliable and cost-effective partner evaluations.


Our volume is your volume. With our buying power we guarantee competitive pricing and best-functioning service to make sure your air freight cargo is delivered to the right destination in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Having established strong partnership with reliable carriers over many years, we can ensure you get the best possible service and the most route and schedule alternatives from the extensive choice of services and carriers in our network, through one contact person.

Courier Freight
Services and Time
Critical Deliveries

In the case of very urgent and critical logistics needs, Wiima Logistics is the company that can be relied upon for shipments requiring the utmost in speed and care. When time really means money, all shipments will be placed on the first available flight. On-board couriers are available to hand carry critical shipments, and aircraft charters are available when needed. We will deliver your critical deliveries anywhere in the world.



A comprehensive pool of professional trucking companies ensures the best possible rates and service for truck freight within Europe. Whether you have regular full truckloads or one single pallet, we have the right operator for the job: direct courier trucks, combined project transportations, and scheduled trailers to and from Europe, as per your need.



We guarantee competitive and reliable sea freight services anywhere in the world. We use the most reliable carriers and agencies to deliver your sea cargo in a timely manner to the right destination.


Again, you will benefit from our complete company volume. Our network includes major shipping companies for volume shipments and bulk routes as well as smaller 3PL operators for better control and flexible service.


Through our comprehensive warehouse contractor network all around the world, we can offer you complete warehousing services including, but not limited to: pick and pack, sorting, labeling, ticketing, palletizing and packing your products. We have also real time reporting of the current warehouse balance for your products.

Our subcontracted warehousing network brings flexibility in your global business. When your business expands or changes location, our network adjusts accordingly. At any time, we can switch locations of warehouses or consolidation points to correspond with our customers’ business needs.




Cooperation with Lumene has started in 2014. Wiima has provided savings in Lumene’s Inbound and Outbound freight pricing with active and comprehensive tendering.

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In order to setup internal logistics development project to streamline in-house logistics processes, Ponsse hired Wiima Logistics to execute a comprehensive logistics survey.

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Cooperation with ALMACO’s office located in Turku, Finland started in 2010. Since then, Wiima has handled all air/sea/land freights (import/export/cross trade) for this ALMACO Group location.

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