Logistics have a significant impact on the environment and regulators as well as companies are increasingly targeting to reduce emissions related with transports. However, due to its dynamic nature, there are several challenges in assessing and measuring the emissions from transport in an efficient, reliable and relevant way.

Therefore, Wiima Logistics and the Disruption Laboratory at the University of Turku (https://disrupt.utu.fi), have launched a development project to conceptualize and validate methods for collecting and utilizing emission information as part of logistics management. The core idea is to define levels of relevant accuracy and utilization models of emission data to serve decision making, purchasing and development of logistics and related services.

Wiima’s CEO Heikki Heinonen concludes: “We are seeing that the demand for reliable and relevant emission data will increase during the next few years. Our task at Wiima is to provide such information in an efficient and convenient way to our clients and their stakeholders.”




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