Swift Action and Reliable Partners: How Wiima Logistics Helped GPV Move Their Entire Plant



GPV is a multinational electronics manufacturing service provider and part of the Switzerland-based GPV Group. GPV caters to its customers’ electronic component needs in 13 locations across the globe, spanning the components’ entire lifecycle from prototyping to assembly. Working with people and goods in all parts of the world can lead to surprising logistical needs which call for quick thinking, swift action and a reliable logistics partner.

A Long Partnership Between GPV and Wiima Logistics

Over the years, GPV and Wiima Logistics have developed a fruitful relationship. Wiima has primarily consulted GPV with putting out tenders for couriers as they send out electronic component shipments across the globe. Since there can be dozens of shipments per week, using the most cost-efficient courier quickly adds up to significant savings. Adding to that, Wiima has overseen the archiving process of customs documentation, temporary admissions and import procedures for the company.

The long history has brought GPV and Wiima Logistics close to one another, and both parties are now familiar with each other’s needs and ways of working.

Quick facts about GPV:


  • Part of GPV Group
  • Turnover: EUR 964m
  • 7 500 employees
  • Principal business: manufacturing electronic components

A Major Move on an Expedited Schedule Calls for Exceptional Professionals

While daily operations were running smoothly, an unexpected logistical need arised at one of its European plants. The scenario allowed Wiima to provide its expertise in global logistics and save GPVs time and other resources.

The situation unfolded at the company’s manufacturing plant in Switzerland. A decision had been made to relocate the plant to Sweden, along with the machinery and other physical assets.

While moving entire plants and equipment between countries is nothing new for Wiima, this time there was a fundamental issue that would have to be considered. At the time of planning and executing the move, there was no dedicated logistic person on the ground at GPVs side.

When the company noticed that a few extra hands would be essential to handle the move, they immediately contacted Wiima Logistics for assistance. A trusted logistics partner is truly worth one’s weight in gold in situations like these, as considerable time can be saved if both sides are able to work together efficiently.


Swift action ensured a smooth and safe move

Wasting no time and taking up the challenge, Wiima’s logistics professionals were deployed as an extension of GPVs’ logistics team on the ground, as there was no longer a person in charge of logistics at the plant in Switzerland. It would be expensive and time consuming to hire a new person just to facilitate the move, adding to further risks.

Wiima’s professionals immediately took up the necessary responsibilities, which in the first part included:

  • Establishing a remote connection with GPVs’ internal logistics systems
  • Creating customs declaration documents and fetching other information for the sales teams as they continued to operate
  • Carrying out customs declarations in the target country

The second part included the actual transportation of the machinery and equipment to their new home in Sweden. This meant finding and organizing the best transport partners and working with an external partner to take care of packaging the machinery. When the materials were appropriately packaged, they were then ready to be transferred with the assistance of Wiima’s trusted logistics partners.


Fast and reliable service are in the core of Wiima’s competitive advantage

Wiima’s flexibility and swift adaptation to the situation at hand proved to be essential in ensuring a successful and safe move, as Wiima’s dedicated logistics professionals worked as an extension for GPVs’ team.

Tuomas Suhonen, Wiima’s principal contact person and currently the Senior Supply Chain Manager at GPV Group, extends his thanks to Wiima. “First of all, we are particularly thankful and impressed by Wiima’s ability to help us with such a short notice. Knowing the industry standard, this was exceptional.” he says.

Despite the use of various internal logistics systems being the standard for most companies these days, they are usually configured for internal use and trained to the staff from that perspective. As GPV was now operating with limited staff, it was essential that Wiima was able to use their internal systems remotely to facilitate the move within the given timeframe.

“Wiima’s capability to use our internal systems remotely was another proof that they are the right partner for us,” Suhonen says. “I believe that it was essential for making the move happen. I am happy to recommend Wiima Logistics to other companies as well.”

No Job is too Small or Big for Wiima Logistics

GPV is a prime example of Wiima’s capability to adapt to practically any logistics need, anywhere in the world. If you have logistics needs that must be met – small or big, simple or complex – contact our sales team for a consultation here !

“Wiima’s capability to use our internal systems remotely was another proof that they are the right partner for us. I believe that it was essential for making the move happen. I am happy to recommend Wiima Logistics to other companies as well.”


Tuomas Suhonen, Senior Supply Chain Manager, GPV Group

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