None Too Big
or Small

We are serving all size companies. Our biggest customers are stocklisted companies yet smallest ones being newly established start-up companies. Many of our customers are project companies with challenging time critical deliveries globally. Our biggest volume is coming from cross trade freight. Also import/export companies with high volumes of sea/truck/air freight are benefiting from our competitive pricing.


Added value services are differentiating us from typical freight forwarding companies. In addition to transportation services, we are, as a neutral operator, among others providing material quality assurance services, supply chain management services (material order process control on customers’ behalf), tendering services and logistics project management services to our customers.



Cooperation with Lumene has started in 2014. Wiima has provided savings in Lumene’s Inbound and Outbound freight pricing with active and comprehensive tendering.

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In order to setup internal logistics development project to streamline in-house logistics processes, Ponsse hired Wiima Logistics to execute a comprehensive logistics survey.

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Cooperation with ALMACO’s office located in Turku, Finland started in 2010. Since then, Wiima has handled all air/sea/land freights (import/export/cross trade) for this ALMACO Group location.

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Wiima has primarily consulted GPV with putting out tenders for couriers as they send out electronic component shipments across the globe. Since there can be dozens of shipments per week, using the most cost-efficient courier quickly adds up to significant savings.

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