Pricing & Booking Software

The simplest solution in the market for competitive and smooth logistics.

Tender and book your deliveries quickly and effectively

The browser-based software streamlines freight bidding, booking and general management. Savings are derived from leveraging our collective buying power for the customer’s benefit and minimizing the time spent arranging freight.

Simple and Easy to Use

Manual freight bidding and booking takes about 30 – 120 minutes depending on the situation and person. Our app reduces the process to an average of just 2 minutes.

Our Purchasing Power, Your Savings

Prices in the software are optimized by leveraging our scale of purchasing power, allowing us to share competitive transportation prices with all our customers.

Manage Everything from One View

The software acts as a single point of data collection for all your transports, making it easier than ever to obtain comprehensive statistics and analytics, regardless of the transport company.

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Savings from the First Shipment


Seamless shipping starts here: Get quotes, compare & book in seconds

Through the portal, you can compare solutions from different transport companies in terms of price and schedule. When comparing services, you immediately get the total ALL-IN price without hidden costs. The price always includes fuel surcharges and any possible other additional fees. Once a suitable carrier is found, you can easily book the shipment. This tool provides everything you need for basic shipment management.


Effortless Shipment Booking

Once you’ve selected the ideal carrier through the tendering process, our system takes care of the rest. The shipment is automatically booked with the chosen carrier via our robust API integration, ensuring a seamless transition from selection to shipping.

This automation eliminates manual booking errors and saves valuable time, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business. Our tool ensures that all booking details are accurately communicated through the API, and you receive immediate confirmation of your shipment booking. Additionally, shipment documents can be sent at the time of booking through the portal, streamlining the entire process. Experience the convenience of a fully automated logistics solution that streamlines your operations from start to finish.


Freight tracking information at one point

Tracking information for booked transports can be obtained directly from the transport company. The information updates in real-time in the portal, providing an excellent basis for quick response in exceptional situations.


Opportunity for comprehensive analytics

Data related to transports collected in the portal can be processed into comprehensive reports or in-depth analytics depending on customer needs.