About cookies

Cookies are small identifiers that are stored on the visitor’s computer/device when the visitor visits a website. Our service utilizes cookies so that we can provide services that are as user-friendly and high-quality as possible. The use of cookies does not involve storing any data that could be used to identify or recognize users.

Cookies do not affect data security and they cannot spread viruses or malware. By visiting the website, you accept the use of cookies. Statistical data may be collected on the use of the website in terms of the number of visitors, the most popular pages, the landing pages, the exit pages and other similar data. We use these data in accordance with the valid legislation. The website uses Google Analytics for the collection of statistical data. Google may disclose data to a third party when required to do so by law. Google’s privacy policy can be read at http://www.google.fi/policies/privacy/

How we use your browsing data

– Identifying a session as one unit
– Developing the website to be even more user-friendly and analysis
– Other possible customer service and business activities

If you do not want our website to receive data through cookies, you may disable cookies from your browser settings. Most web browsers allow you to disable the use of cookies. Disabling the use of cookies may affect the functionality of the site and we cannot guarantee that it will work flawlessly if you do not accept the use of cookies.

Contact form

If you submit any information through our contact form, the information will only be used to contact you directly. We do not share your contact info with third parties.

Social media plugins

Our website may contain links or connections to third-party websites and social media plug-ins, such as Facebook or YouTube. The use of social media plug-ins may send identifiable data to the social media service providers in question. When you open a plug-in, you may allow third-party websites to store cookies on your computer, allowing their administrators to monitor website usage, if you have logged in to the social media of the service provider in question.