Port of Rotterdam together with local breakbulk companies have decided to renovate port infrastructure to make room for growing breakbulk operations. The site to be developed is a 12 ha industrial estate and over 1 km of dockage located in Rotterdam’s  Waalhaven area. The project will take place over the next three and half years and the aim is to provide an additional growth to the Rotterdam breakbulk sector.

“Rotterdam is already well-positioned for this, due to its unique location, container logistics connections and an increasing number of scheduled breakbulk and heavy cargo services. The investments now being made by these companies and the Port Authority will form a further incentive to make Rotterdam the breakbulk hub of Europe,” stated Emile Hoogsteden, Director Containers, Breakbulk and Logistics at the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

The redevelopment can get going right away because empty depot MRS has been relocated from Waalhaven area to the short sea cluster in Eemhaven. This, together with seven transfer operations, has offered the breakbulk companies space to modernize and focus on further development.


Source: Port of Hamburg news feed