Supply Chain Team

Wiima Logistics’ Complete Service offers an all-inclusive supply chain management service that handles everything from logistics coordination to supply chain strategy. Our team ensures your materials are always available and your supply chain runs smoothly. We handle purchasing, negotiating the best transport rates, monitoring your shipments, managing logistics partners, and resolving any issues that arise. Additionally, we provide detailed reports, handle invoices, and optimize stock levels. With WIIMA COMPLETE, you get a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective solution for all your logistics and supply chain needs.

What´s Included in the Service

Our dedicated Logistics Coordination team is extended with supply chain process management capabilities. In addition to neutral and open-book logistics sourcing, and best-in-class logistics coordination, we help you secure your material availability and boost your service level while reducing supply chain costs. We provide tailor-made outsourced supply chain solutions for product availability management, purchasing, material coordination, and supply chain strategy.

Nominated Team of Logistics Coordinators

Our professional coordinators’ mission is to make your life easier by handling even the most complex logistics challenges on your behalf.


Pre-negotiated Rates

As a neutral logistics sourcing organization, we have secured competitive contract rates from logistics companies across the globe.

Planning, Tendering & Booking of Transports

We set up the process and tools for carrier selection and transport bookings to always have the right transport service for your shipments.

Tracking & Exception Management

We monitor the movements of your goods with a proactive approach to solving delivery exceptions to ensure requested lead times.

Logistics Service Provider Management

Our sourcing professionals manage the quality, rates, and terms of LSPs to ensure the competitiveness of our supplier base.

Freight RFQ Projects

We match the right logistics services to your business using a combination of RFx projects, pre-negotiated rates, and SPOT tendering.


Operational purchasing where we receive purchase requisitions, create and send purchase orders to suppliers.

Invoice factoring (upon request)

We can boost your working capital by offering extended payment terms.

Analytics & Reporting

We provide insights from your logistics with online dashboards to empower your business.

Invoice recording, audit, and payment

Our finance team resolves invoice discrepancies, harmonizes costs, and creates consolidated freight invoices using the open-book principle.

Product Availability Management

On long leadtime products we’ll monitor your projected stock coverage and adjust the transportations to balance the stocks in case of demand or supply surprises.

Purchasing Material Coordination

We expedite the open purchase orders by chasing confirmations for POs,  monitoring goods readiness, and managing exceptions.

Supply Chain Strategy

We consult supply chain decision-makers on Demand Supply Network structure, service levels and lead times, make-or-buy analysis, reverse logistics, ESG analysis, and more.

Looking for a More Focused Logistics Outsourcing Solution?

Wiima Logistics’ Control Service is a streamlined alternative to our Complete Service. While Complete Service handles everything from logistics coordination to supply chain strategy, Control Service focuses on essential tasks like planning, booking, securing rates, and tracking shipments. Visit our Control Service page to see how we can simplify your logistics operations.


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