Our project logistics division is well known for its tailor-made approach to every client’s logistics needs. We pride ourselves in offering project logistics solutions that serve our customers to their highest expectations.

Cimcorp has been a customer whose needs have truly tested our abilities as a project logistics service provider. Coordinating their demanding global shipments is a task that has challenged even our most senior logistics coordinators. We appreciate the trust Cimcorp has given to our team as the companies have deepened in their cooperation.

Here´s what Cimcorps Export Manager Paula Junnila-Erkintalo had to say about the services Wiima has provided for Cimcorp during the past year:

“During the year, Wiima has handled Cimcorp’s project deliveries to our distribution centres in Lauenau, Germany, Freienbrink and Erharting, by road freight and North American bakery and tire customers as sea container deliveries.

The German road freight projects had multiple loading locations: in Finland, the EU and Turkey. The number of trucks ranged from 20 to 30 per project. Some of the loads were oversized, and in some cases, the lengthy loading times required flexibility from Wiimas side.

Some of the projects have been very schedule-critical, especially when considering the sometimes very limited unloading timeframes. Wiima has always found a solution to all of these challenges. Wiima understands the nature of project deliveries and has been in active contact with the various loading locations and unloading sites. Special thanks have come from our site manager, whose installation work has been easier due to this proactive communication style.

Wiima has also handled Cimorp’s US sea freight projects e.g. To Pennsylvania and Arkansas. The shortage of containers has posed its own challenges, but Wiima has been actively seeking a solution and offering different shipping schedules and price options. For example, in the case of 45HC containers, new solutions had to be innovated. Those shipments were transported to Central Europe for containerization. The project consisted of loading locations in Finland and the Czech Republic. The project size was about 15-20 containers (40HC, 40OT, 45HC). Container inland deliveries have also gone very smoothly in the US.

All in all, we at Cimcorp have been really satisfied with the services provided by Wiima in terms of functionality, solution focus and price. Wiima will continue to be a noteworthy logistics and forwarding partner for us. We also appreciate their work to support our sales with freight rates and various other logistics related tasks.”

About Cimcorp

Cimcorp Oy is the parent company of Cimcorp Group, a supplier of automation systems for the tire industry. The group specializes in robotics-based automation for the tire, food & beverage, and distribution industries. It designs, programs, and assembles robots, the majority of which are exported.

Cimcorp Group simplifies intralogistics challenges by integrating advanced robotic technologies with cutting-edge material handling systems through their proprietary solutions for tire plants, distribution centers and storage facilities for nearly half a century. Having grown from northern roots in Finland and with the support of their parent company Murata Machinery Ltd., one of the world’s largest logistics automation company, they fully comprehend the importance of fast response time, which is why they offer local support globally.

Their customer-centric intralogistics solutions help customers respond to changing markets and meet sustainability demands, while digitally and automatically streamlining their operations and processes in a nimble and innovative manner to comply with consumer trends, optimize material flow, and overcome intralogistics-related challenges. With Cimcorp, you can rely on a strategic and reliable partner.

Cimcorp’s headquarters is located in Ulvila, Finland and has subsidiaries in Germany, Canada, the US, India and Spain. In Finland, Cimcorp has service points in Helsinki, Lahti, and Jyväskylä.  In 2020 Cimcorp employed over 500 people.

Find out more about what is coming next from them http://www.cimcorp.com.

About Wiima Logistics

Wiima Logistics is an integrated supply chain company specializing in complete logistics services known as 4PL logistics. Wiima ensures competitiveness by utilizing direct and indirect cost savings from transportation logistics with Wiima service model. Fourth-party logistics (4PL) is a service to make customers’ life easier by delegating the logistics arrangements to be handled by someone else. As a neutral logistics service provider Wiima manages the whole logistics process on customers’ behalf.

Wiima has a worldwide operating network and own offices in Finland, Estonia, Singapore, Malaysia, China and USA.