Wiima Logistics Asia-Pacific offices in China, Singapore, and Malaysia have a vital role in our group’s global operations. Wiima Finland has steady and growing base of customers who export to Asia. Especially clients in marine project industry have found our service very useful.

Our clients have a need for reliable, accurate and cost-efficient logistics. Finding the right operators from the other side of the planet can be a tough challenge for anyone. This is one of the areas where our Asia-Pacific offices add a huge amount of value to our Finnish clients. Local office gives you a better view on the ground level of things and removes unnecessary risks in many areas. On top of serving Wiima Finlands customers Wiima Asia-Pacific offices have their totally own and independent client base which consist of companies from a variety of industries such as oil, gas and retail business.

Head of Wiimas Asia-Pacific offices Ychelle Tan gave us a short update on their operations:

Overall situation and future in Asia logistics is looking very promising. Global trade growth in 2017 was the strongest since 2011 and that can be seen here as well. Freight volumes growing steadily with some fluctuation. Intra-Asia freights are increasing too.
This strong growth comes with a price: many terminals are under intense pressure, in some cases leading to lengthy delays. The situation is especially bad in South East Asia where the freight space is continuously limited. We advise all our clients to plan and book their freights as early as possible to avoid any delays.
Growing need for “all-in-one” logistics service has given our offices a chance to grow their operations. At this moment we have a total of 10 people working for us in the Asia Pacific. Our operations scope is very wide ranging from 4PL services to agent- and routing business. We are actively looking for new customers in small- and mid-sized companies, says Ychelle

If you are interested in export, import or cross-trade logistics solutions in Far-East Asia contact us right away from here!

Here´s a picture of few team members from Wiima Asia-Pacific offices